Cancer-myth and truth

Cancer-myth and truth

Article by Ioan Sergiu

Cancer is a disease which is a cell proliferation mechanism awry and uninterrupted. According to studies in Europe and North America, predominantly occur lung cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Breast Cancer. Occur frequently in Africa liver cancer due to endemic areas Hepatitis B and cervical cancer.

Misconceptions about the causes of cancer have led to unnecessary worry about the overall health. For example, information that the plastic flow and deodorants are two of the hidden causes that lead to cancer. Apart from being completely wrong, these myths cause panic among people, which indeed may affect healthy.

Myth: antiperspirants and deodorants lead to breast cancer

Truth: There are studies showing that the link between antiperspirants/ Deodorants and breast cancer. There have been reports that these products contain compounds of aluminum and parables which can be absorbed through the skin and can cause Allergies or irritation, but not cancer.

So, no studies in which results to indicate that these products go to breast cancer, and no scientific evidence attesting to that fact. If fear has not gone all we recommend using organic cosmetics because they contain no parables, preservatives or other chemicals.

Myth: plastic containers placed in the microwave cause cancer.

Fact: Plastic pots shall not be placed in the microwave because it can melt and thus chemicals can penetrate the food! Pay attention to vessels that enter in the microwave. Check the label is worth mentioning that the introduction in the microwave can be done safely.

Myth: People diagnosed with cancer should not eat sugar because it determines the rapid evolution of disease.

Truth: Sugar not lead to rapid evolution of cancer. All cells, including cancer cells, depend on the level of blood sugar (glucose) because it provides the energy needed to develop. So, regardless of consumption of sugar disease will not be stopped, nor will speed up evolution.

Can this myth to be taken birth because failure to understand tomography positron emission, which uses a small amount of radioactive tracer – a substance similar to glucose. All human body tissues absorb some of this tracer, but using more energy tissues, including cancer cells absorb a greater amount. For this reason, people have concluded that cancer cells develop quickly after consumption of sugar!

Myth: Good people are not cancer

Fact: In ancient times disease was perceived as a punishment for bad thoughts and actions, was a way to pay for sins committed. And now there cultures that support this view. If this were true, how do you explain that infants with cancer? There is no evidence showing that a person is getting sick cancer so worth it.

Myth: Cancer is contagious

Fact: There is no need to avoid a person with cancer just because … not sick, it is even advisable to socialize with that person to touch it or to spend time with her. In fact, your support is the most important thing you can offer these people who suffer.

No, cancer is not contagious. Indeed there are some infectious viruses, HPV and Hepatitis C, which can cause cancer. Virus Papilloma human (HPV = Human Papilloma Virus) is the main risk factor for cervical cancer and hepatitis C leads to appearance liver cancer. Both viruses are transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, while hepatitis C is often transmitted through blood contact such as sharing needles and transfusions.

Viruses that lead to cancer:

– Human papilloma virus (HPV = Human Papilloma Virus) – a sexually transmitted disease, which can lead to onset of cervical cancer and other cancers.

– Hepatitis C – a virus transmitted through sexual contact or by infected intravenous needle, which can trigger liver cancer.

Myth: dye causes brain cancer

Fact: There were many speculations about the relationship between cancer and dye. Although there are people who think the hair dye appear: bladder cancer, Breast Cancer, There was no evidence to this study. According to a study published in the U.S. Medical Association Journal, cosmetics for dyeing step with cancer risk.

Myth: Mobile phones lead to cancer

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, mobile phones are regarded as causing cancer. There is no study to certify that the frequent use of cell phones lead to cancer.

Myth: Cancer is hereditary

Fact: It is perfectly true that some cancers are genetic, but that does not mean a person who comes from a family with multiple deaths from cancer, and she was suffering from this disease.

Cancers, such as breast cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Colorectal Cancer are some types of cancer may be the inserted genes. If a parent with cancer, the child will inherit the gene, but that does not warrant the onset.

Myth: Cancer leads to permanent loss of hair

Fact: Not cause cancer occurrence alopecia. This is a consequence of treatment for cancer: chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Equally true is that not all cancer patients who are receiving such treatment will suffer from alopecia.

Myth: Breast cancer occurs exclusively in women

Fact: It is false! Perhaps the greatest untruth mentioned before. Even if breast cancer among men is not a commonly diagnosed condition, this does not mean that men can suffer from this disease. It is estimated that every year in the U.S. about 1500 men develop carcinoma (cancer) of mammary gland and 500 of them die from the disease. The average age of diagnosis is 65 years, but this disease can also occur in younger men.

Myth: Cancer is treatable, but drug companies hide the remedy

Fact: It is a myth that simply maddens any health professional! If remedy arises why researchers or family members of people who have cancer die from pharmaceutical companies in the same circumstances as the common people!

Myth: Positive thinking helps heal cancer

Fact: Maintaining a positive outlook during treatment for cancer is essential, but it should be noted that this does not help cure cancer. Optimism improves quality of life during treatment, but no scientific evidence that positive attitude and heal this disease.

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Brain Tumor Support Groups

Brain Tumor Support Groups

Article by brainz tumorz

He may well have authorized his everyday life insurance coverage, naming me as beneficiary, to lapse. When there are numerous explanations for father and mother of young children with brain tumors to connect with a help group, three of the main good reasons are discussed beneath.EducationA single of the to begin with questions asked by father and mother of little ones freshly diagnosed with brain tumors and brain cancer is “What does this mean for my boy or girl?”Loved ones support and outreach applications can solution this and numerous other issues by furnishing assets for common awareness of the condition, remedy options, and even amenities equipped to present the best remedies offered. Assist packages can also assist families stay abreast of the latest study that’s staying accomplished with regard to treatment plans, survivorship, and extended-expression results for the survivors of this deadly disease.AssistanceAssistance for households taking this challenging journey can come in a range of types. It might involve locating the correct doctors and facilities to treatment for their child, or perhaps, doing work by way of the maze of insurance varieties and red tape. Exploring options for money aid, or choosing area sources for supplies or services that might be necessary for the child’s care and recovery are also strategies in which these support groups can give enable to these households.In addition to the support furnished to person households, these nonprofit organizations do the job tirelessly on selling and servicing the overall mission – choosing greater solutions for kids struggling from brain tumors and brain cancer, and improving upon the superior of daily life for survivors.SupportOver all else, the mothers and fathers and loved ones of these youngsters require emotional support. They require to belong to a group of people who are traveling the same, lengthy road that they locate themselves on. They will need to know that they are not alone in their journey.The emotional assist that is provided so freely in these family members outreach applications are not able to be discovered anyplace outdoors these exceptional groups of fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. Who can far better comprehend the grief a mom feels when she learns that her instincts about her child’s health have been appropriate? Or the sorrow that consumes a father when he finally will allow himself to cry, alone in the shower? And who superior to share the joy when a spouse and children transitions to survivorship?These loved ones assist groups offer not only assist for mother and father and extended households, but for the patients, as effectively. Comprehension the toll that this dreadful journey will take on all, most help groups sponsor a wide range of conferences, camps, and other events through the yr as a respite to the households. These events deliver opportunities to connect with other individuals in this unique local community, even though also attaining insight into academic and vocational opportunities.Becoming really significantly mindful of the requires of bereaved families, and families of survivors, as very well, there are also support groups that are geared exclusively to their requirements. Some of these groups have mentors mothers and fathers who have stood in the identical shoes, who do the job with families in a selection of approaches as they move via the tough transitions.

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A different career of brain tumor assist groups is giving support to the individual or the relatives, like giving good hospital, treatment method and recommendation to make affected person have far more spirit to be healthful.Brain Tumor Support Groups, Women’s Health, Women’s Health

Most cancers word is actually taken from Latin word “carb”

Most cancers word is actually taken from Latin word “carb”

Article by Jimmie Mclean

Cancer malignancy word is actually taken from Latin word “carb”, meaning malignancy. Cancer malignancy disease can be explained as “an abnormal development of cells which tend to virally spreading in to in an out of control way and also, in some cases, for you to metastasize.” Most cancers is also generally known as malignancy, a malignant tumour, and neoplasm. There are more than hundred or so diseases; every types of most cancers have its different title, cause as well as treatment options.Cancers is an illness of the cellular material, which make way up all the areas and tissues of the body.

These tissue normally restoration and duplicate themselves in an orderly way. If for some reason this process gets uncontrollable, a growth as well as tumor may form.Several common types of cancer are shown below:

Kidney Cancer: Vesica Cancer can be a disease where abnormal tissues malignant rise in the urinary system bladder. Bladder, a part of urinary system system is hallow, carved or balloon-shaped organ located in the pelvic that normally retains urine right up until it is introduced. The most common the signs of bladder cancers is blood in the urine or ache during urination. Cigarette smoking is the solitary risk ingredient that causes vesica cancer.

Cancer of the breast:Breast cancer is regarded as the common type of cancers found in ladies and the second major cause of most cancers death. The most common sign of breast cancers is a lump or thickening in the breast. Any lump is an armpit that will not go away and therefore may be a manifestation of cancer. Various other possible signs and symptoms are busts discharge, breast inversion, or adjustments to the skin overlying your breast. The treatment options, useful for treating breast cancer are medical procedures, radiotherapy, hormone treatments, and chemotherapy.Lung Cancer: Cancer of the lung is the dangerous transformation and growth of lung matter. The lungs, part of the breathing, are a set of sponge-like, cone-shaped organs inside human body.

There are two types of lung cancer- major lung cancer and mesothelioma. Each type of cancer of the lung has different causes of take place and dealt with differently. Tobacco use is the major cause of arise lung cancer. Typical treatment options, useful for treat carcinoma of the lung are surgical treatment, chemotherapy, and also radiation therapy.

Leukemia: Leukemia is often a cancer involving blood-forming tissue for instance bone marrow. These kind of deranged, immature cells build up inside the blood as well as within organs of the physique. They are not capable to carry out the normal functions regarding blood cellular material. The major forms of leukemia are divided into several categories- acute myelogenous the leukemia disease, acute lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myelogenous leukemia, chronic lymphocytic the leukemia disease.

Depending upon the abnormal tissue the most common signs and symptoms of leukemia tend to be fevers, weakness, blooding gum line, frequent bacterial infections, weight loss, and also etc. There are two types of treating leukemia * induction therapy, along with continuation therapy. In induction treatments, the main treatment methods are to reduce how many leukemia cells and the primary process is to induce the remission. Remission is a time frame when the cancer is responding to treatment or is under control. Continuation therapy comes about after an affected person goes through remission procedure. The main reason for this cycle is to kill any left-out most cancers cells.

Digestive tract Cancer: Intestinal tract cancer, also known, as intestines cancer as well as bowel cancers is a disease in which unusual cells dangerous growth in your colon or even rectum along with appendix. It will begin in the digestive system, called as stomach system. It does not take third most widespread form of most cancers.

The most common signs and symptoms of colon most cancers is looseness of the bowels, blood in the stool, fat loss, abdominal pain and tenderness etc. The disposable treatment options for treat intestinal tract cancer are generally surgery, radiation treatment, and radiotherapy.Other frequent types of most cancers are renal system cancer, tonsils cancer, thyroid cancer, oral cancer, melanoma, skin cancer, mouth cancer, anal cancer, brain cancer, penile cancer and many others.

Cancer Therapies: There are various treatment options accustomed to treat each type cancer most popular used for cancer treatment are- surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biologic therapy, gene remedy, hormone remedy and etc.

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Cancer Specialist: prostate cancer symptoms Medical Oncologist: Radiation Oncologist. An oncologist looking at an x-ray on the light boxcancer internet pages will no longer exist because the specialist helpful cancer is going to be accessible through redesigned Our mission at Veterinary Cancer Specialists will be to provide the utmost standard of living for your pet during cancer treatment. Visit Lowongan Kerja

Kids Cancer Organization Are Essential To Families Of Children With Cancer

Kids Cancer Organization Are Essential To Families Of Children With Cancer

Article by James Chua

Whilst there are many reasons for moms and dads of youngsters with a support group,Listed Beloware major reasons Education Programs Of Kids Cancer Non Profit FoundationAmong the first problems asked by parents of children recently identified as having a cancer is “What performs this mean for my child?”Support of loved ones and outreach programs can provide answers to this and countless other questions by providing practical information on general interest of the ailment, treatment procedures,and even services equipped to supply the best treatment options available. Support programs can also help families keep abreast of the newest research that is being done with regard to treatments, survivorship, and long-term effects for the survivors of this deadly illness.Assistance Programs Of Kids Cancer Non Profit FoundationAssistance for families taking this kind of difficult journey come in various kinds of varieties. It may involve locating the right medical professionals and also amenities to look after their child, or perhaps, operating through the maze of insurance types and bureaucracy. Researching options for financial aid, or even finding local resources for products or providers that might be necessary for the child’s attention and recuperation are also ways that these support groups can offer help to these families.In addition to the help provided to individual families, these types of nonprofit foundation work relentlessly on marketing and providing the overall objective – obtaining better treating kids struggling with brain cancers and brain cancer, as well as improving the total well being for heirs.Support Programs of Kids Cancer Non Profit FoundationMost importantly of all, the parents and loved ones of these kids will need emotional help. They need to fit in with a community of folks that are touring the same, long road which they find themselves upon. They need to realize that they are not on your own in their trip.The mental support that is given so freely during these family outreach programs cannot be found anywhere outside these distinctive groups of dads, mothers, siblings and siblings. Who can far better understand the grief a mother feels when the lady learns which her intuition about the girl child’s wellness were correct? Or the sadness that utilizes a father whenever he ultimately allows himself to cry, alone inside the shower? And also who better to share the benefits when a family transitions in order to survivorship?These family support groups provide not only help for parents as well as extended family members, but for the sufferers, as well. Knowing the toll this dreadful journey takes on almost all, most organizations sponsor a variety of conferences, ideologies, and other events throughout the year like a respite to the family members. These activities provide the possiblility to connect with others in this distinctive community, whilst gaining insight into educational and vocational options.Being quite definitely aware of the needs of bereaved households, and families of survivors, also, there are also organizations that are designed specifically for their needs. Many of these groups possess mentors; mother and father who have was standing in the same shoes, who use families in many ways while they move through the particular difficult changes.Education. Help. Support. Connecting with the correct support group is essential for parents and family members facing this particular difficult quest. Parents, most. Help is available, waiting for the call.

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El-Shaddai Foundation is a kids cancer non profit organiz, which has only bjective: Serve people in need of Society with aims celebrating the significance of loved ones in the lives of a kid with cancer educating and supporting youngster diagnosed with cancer.

Carmel Valley, CA : Can a virus kill cancer? Scientists think so. View From A Private Duty Caregiver

Carmel Valley, CA : Can a virus kill cancer? Scientists think so. View From A Private Duty Caregiver

Article by Richard Kuehn

Carmel Valley, CA : Can a virus kill cancer? Scientists think so. View From A Private Duty Caregiver Serving Carmel, Carmel Valley, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Gilroy, Gonzalez, Greenfield, Hollister, King City, Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Salinas, San Juan Bautista, Seaside And Soledad California

Can a virus kill cancer? Scientists think so. A new research report published in Molecular Therapy found that a new virus they developed prolonged the life of mice with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer which kills nearly everyone who develops it. It causes about 13,000 deaths per year in the U.S. Using herpes simplex as a base, a new oncolytic virus dubbed 34.5ENVE was developed which replicated nestin, a protein present in glioblastomas and other diseases such as prostate, pancreas and breast cancer. The study found that mice treated with 34.5ENVE were tumor-free after 90 days, a remarkable achievement. Although it’s untested on humans, there are high hopes for this new virus given the limited survival rate on this type of brain cancer and the fact that it could be proven effective on many other types of cancer. It’s not the first time that oncolytic viruses have been used, but older versions of it only gave patients a survival rate of 20 to 53 days. The fact that all tumors were completely wiped out in the mice tested with this new virus could prove to be a dramatic break-through in cancer treatment. Kudos to these scientists and I hope that their good work continues.

About Richard Kuehn & Family inHome Caregiving of Monterey:After more than a decade of caregiving, both in a professional environment and for a 97 year old family member I was dissatisfied with service from local caregiving agencies. I became convinced of the need for a service which provides very personal assistance to elderly and founded Family inHome Caregiving serving the Monterey Peninsula. Please visit my blog where I talk about important senior issues at:

About Richard Kuehn & Family inHome Caregiving of Monterey:After more than a decade of caregiving, both in a professional environment and for a 97 year old family member I was dissatisfied with service from local caregiving agencies. I became convinced of the need for a service which provides very personal assistance to the elderly and founded Family inHome Caregiving serving the Monterey Peninsula. Please visit my blog where I talk about important senior issues at:

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About Richard Kuehn & Family inHome Caregiving of Monterey:After more than a decade of caregiving, both in a professional environment and for a 97 year old family member I was dissatisfied with service from local caregiving agencies. I became convinced of the need for a service which provides very personal assistance to the elderly and founded Family inHome Caregiving serving the Monterey Peninsula. Please visit my blog where I talk about important senior issues at:

Preventing Carpal Tunnel and Computer and Cell Phone Radiation Cancer

Preventing Carpal Tunnel and Computer and Cell Phone Radiation Cancer

Article by Karen Fish

It used to be that physical injury was associated with Huns and Barbarians pillaging your village. When a man calls me “Honey” is he really sending me a mixed message? While you are sitting there reading this absolute baloney in front of your computer screen or instant messaging your hordes of buddies you are actually nuking yourself to death. Isn’t it always the case that the things that are the most fun in life are the things which tear your cells limb from limb hurling you into life long unbearable pain and death?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Does this mean that two ounces of prevention are worth two pounds of cure? One in three people die of cancer and we spend trillions of dollars on cancer research and cancer drugs and radiation machines and we suffer in agony for years like dogs during cancer treatments medicating and radiating ourselves and then we succumb. This is our medical and economic system. Every school child and even my aunt Jenny knows that car exhaust fumes and smokestacks are the cause of cancer. Why don’t we just do away with them? What many people don’t know is that electro magnetic radiation shooting out of your cell phone and computer monitor and hard drive also cause the big C.

An agoraphobic like Howard Hughes aka Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator locks himself away in his hotel suite for 6 years afraid to come out for fear of catching a germ which in his mind is a dirigible sized alien monster attacking him mercilessly. Howie Hughes sits alone in his room watching Deal or No Deal and running Trans World Airlines, Hughes Aircraft and directing Jane Russell in “The Outlaw” armed only with his cell phone and desktop computer thinking that he has successfully shielded himself from the dangers of the industrial revolution, rampant crime and viruses and bacteria which mutate into new illnesses every day. If you don’t believe me then just ask the birds and killer bees and the cows. One of my favorite Hughes pictures was the “Killer Bees from Arizona” trilogy.

The obvious cure for cancer is to stop poisoning the air water and earth we are made of by doing away with cars and smoke stacks and cell phones and computers as our super brilliant pyramid and space ship building ancestors did for 5 million years but human beings don’t like it plain and simple. Furthermore bloggers would never allow it. What would they do all day? Instead of riling up millions of people with their brainwashed prejudiced minds they would have to go back to simpler times and gossip among their fellow village people.

You are lying in your bed trying to go to sleep only this incredibly excruciating electrical pain is shooting from your wrists up into your arm and you are as likely to fall asleep as Jane Russell is to go on a second date with Mickey Rooney. So you go to your medicine cabinet and dope yourself up with codeine and morphine from Afghanistan supplied by your doctor and your pharmacist. Heaven forbid humans should ever eliminate the root cause of their problems the economy would collapse these people would have you believe. The Huns had quite a prosperous economy not to mention the perks. So where did this unbearable wrist pain come from? Did some Barbarian sneak into your home late at night like John Mark Karr and twist your arm for you to go out on a second date with him promising that he had remedied his problem at the new naturopathic halitosis specialist who moved in two doors down from his cousin Jenny?

Picture the inside of your wrist. Your wrist is a circular bone. Inside of your wrist there is a spinal cord running from your arm to your hand. Every one of the million times a day that you hit a key on your keyboard your hand moves down and the circular wrist bone hits the wrist spinal cord. Then the wrist spinal cord get inflamed and injured and the carpal tunnel person has arrived to ruin your life. The prevention and the cure is to stop your hand from moving down. You do this by going out to the store and buying two nicely fitting wrist splints with an iron bar running along the bottom which prevents your hand from moving down every time you hit the keys. The key to happiness in life is to eliminate all of the men. Now that we can freeze sperm and clone who needs them? They buy you a new computer, profess their undying love to you and a month later they can’t remember your name. Another cool trick is to forget the proper way of typing. Begin to hunt and peck and never use your thumbs. The second that you use your thumb your hand rolls over and you are well on your way to Carpalville Ohio. It is also bad to use a roll mouse because rolling down the page leads to index finger pain which can easily add 6 shots to your handicap.

Your computer monitor and hard drive and cell phone are all giving off cancer causing radiation which causes stress, irritability, erectile dysfunction and finally cancer. It is well known that cell phones cause brain cancer. The antenna placed close to your head in frying your brain. The cell phone makers know this and market their most expensive models like Carol Alt as having the least amount of radiation. If you go to the health show in your city you will find booths with people selling little metallic circular stickers which when placed on your monitor and hard drive and cell phone actually eliminate the deadly radiation. In your search engine boxes type in cell phone radiation and you will find the solution to the problem that you didn’t even know that you had. People think that because they cannot see something like a radio signal that it doesn’t exist. Here is a coded message to all Al Qaeda members: “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Jen Jen Jenny from the block.” Osama Bin Laden is sitting in his cave grooving to the new J Lo DVD but his doctor Ayman Al Zwahiri can’t do a darn thing for his carpal tunnel syndrome. All of that instant messaging with Jenna Bush as he pretends to be Professor Ernst Kirkland from the Kabul Institute of Technology has finally caught up with him. What the combined forces of Britain and the United States could not do Steve Jobs has done. He has brought Osama Bin Laden to his knees. And those are the bees knees. Attention all CIA agents. Bees are little insects that fly around biting people.

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Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California.The Temple of Love

FDAs War on Cancer…Cure?!

FDAs War on Cancer…Cure?!

Article by Anthony

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the safety net for the United States on what the public eats, and what medicines we take. Keeping a watchful eye out for us, they make sure everything that goes in our mouth, doesn’t back to haunt us in other ways. We wouldn’t want to take a pill to get rid of a headache only to end up covered in warts because of some weird side effect, would we? The FDA monitors all medicine to make sure that it is safe, and does what it is supposed to. They only have our best interests at heart after all.

One of the many things they protect us from is charlatans. Those snake-oil salesmen that have all the quick cures to every disease known to man. How are you supposed to get help when you have all these quacks running around claiming their new ‘Fix-you’ potion is twice as good as what the medical professionals would provide, a lot easier, and most of the time, cheaper too! Like these miracle cures for cancer that you might have heard a time or two.

You know what cancer is? It’s a corrupted set of cells that begin to grow rampantly, damaging near by tissues as it slowly spreads around. Our current treatment is chemotherapy which kills all rampantly growing cells. If-fact this therapy is so good, it goes above and beyond the call of duty, and just kills every cell that grows to quickly. Once poured into your system, it rages through your body, destroying as much of the cancer as it can touch, and everything else. It can damage your heart, your liver, your kidneys and your brain. It pretty much replaces your immune system, so you aren’t likely to be taken off it for the rest of your life once you’ve started.

But at least the cancers gone, right?… Maybe, but more then likely, it will give you a 50/50 shot that the therapy will give you another few years to live at least. This really isn’t shaping up to be an effective treatment it sounds. So what about these other alternative cancer treatments? If they work better, how come they haven’t replaced chemotherapy yet? There could be a number of reasons, in-fact there could be a few billion reasons.

I can’t give you an exact number on how much money is spent on cancer research and treatment each year, as it fluctuates a bit from year to year, but often it is above .5 billion a year. That’s a lot of money. But money isn’t everything right? The FDA wouldn’t road block a cure for cancer just to keep the money flowing, would they? Unfortunately, they may. Billions of dollars is a pretty big incentive, no matter where it’s going.

So at this point, there are a few ways we can look at this. A.) We have a cure for cancer and it is being hushed up to maintain the flow of money, or B.) there is no cure, and the FDA isn’t silencing anyone trying to expose the so called truth.

Ever hear of the car that can run on water? Yes? Do you have one? No? Same principle. The Oil companies would run out of money and go bankrupt in a blink of an eye. But nevertheless, the concept raised enough of a question to begin to do research into the subject. I ran across many people and devices, medicines and protocols that are said to cure all kinds of ailments, not just cancer. But one stuck out a bit more then others. He provided a special treatment from his clinic in Texas that had a significant chance to cure brain cancer, an especially difficult cancer type to treat.

Dr. Burzynski, a biochemist and physician developed a treatment using what he dubbed, ‘Antineoplastons’ to restore to rampant cancer cells to normal function. Research had been done of such a treatment, and the findings were promising. His treatment even passed the phase 1 trail by the FDA, and he is currently in the phase 2 trial. Then things got interesting. The FDA came at him with guns hot, trying to bring down his clinic and destroy his treatment. Took him to court, harassed his patients, seized his patients records, and tried to get him thrown in jail.

Because of this continuous onslaught by the FDA over many years, he finally made a movie about it. One that illustrates the desperation of the FDA and their many tactics to get this supposedly fake cure, and doctor behind it, thrown out. If you watch the film, it pretty interesting how the FDA tries so desperately, that even the judges calls their attorneys out on their bogus charges.

This started back in the 1990’s at least, and he is still going strong today. So to give away the ending, they couldn’t get him on anything, but they tried for over 10 years. So my question is, if it was fake, how come they couldn’t find anything? They had all his research after all and if it was fake, they would be able to prove it. But they didn’t, yet they still continued to try, each time trying to use something new to do it too.He isn’t the only one that this has occurred too, and his treatment isn’t the only treatment.

Linus Pauling, a two time Nobel Prize winner, one for peace and one for chemistry, said “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud.”

He isn’t the only Nobel Prize winner to have such remarks about the war on cancer. But the rest I leave up to you to decide.

About the Author

Are you interested to see what lengths the FDA went to cover up the cancer cure? Watch the video at the link. I actually couldn’t help but laugh a few times at it all.

Some knowledge about brain illnesses that you have to know.

Some knowledge about brain illnesses that you have to know.

Article by Sidley Jermanianzubu

Threat aspects do not automatically induce a condition. A single may well also be uncovered to these variables and not get ill.

Age. Children youthful than five a long time and adults older than 60 decades are at increased odds of contracting meningitis. The danger of Alzheimer sickness will also raise with age. In fact, at the age of 85, there are fifty % probability of one growing the Alzheimer disease.

Family members historical past. Families with family unit histories of brain cancer will have greater prospects of the cancer. Individuals with mums and dads or siblings with the Alzheimer illness are also at greater probability of producing it. The significantly more the spouse and children members are with the problem, the larger the possibilities of acquiring it. Other brain diseases incorporate aneurysms.

A weakened immune program. This can be as a consequence of preceding infections this sort of as HIV/AIDS. This HIV can lead to deficiency of the immune system. An individual with an impaired immune method will be at a bigger chance of ailments like as lymphomas of the mind. Immuno suppression will also make a person inclined to other brain conditions these types of as bacterial meningitis.

Overcrowding. Viral meningitis conveniently spreads via immediate get in touch with with infected respiratory secretions. As a consequence in an overcrowded spot of residence, the mind condition is very likely to distribute given that of poor cleanliness like as failure to cover kinds mouth when coughing and very poor disposal of implemented tissue.

Continued get in touch with with patients with meningitis. Meningococcal meningitis is just one of the brain conditions that can be transmitted by an affected person to their caretaker. 1 can be at probability whether or not or not they have been place beneath prophylaxis, antibiotics to prevent them from the disease.

Continued coverage to radio active materials or chemical substances this kind of in industries will grow the probability of mind most cancers.

Excessive usage of alcohol will maximize the prospects of Alzheimer condition and mind aneurysms.

Intercourse. Further women of all ages than men get mind aneurysms and Alzheimer’s condition.

Professional medical problems

The herpes viruses can trigger viral meningitis. Cystic fibrosis, diabetes mellitus and sickle cell health conditions will also expand dangers of meningitis.

Cardiovascular health conditions will make just one at higher risk of vascular dementia and Alzheimer ailment. The chances of Alzheimer sickness will also be greater by having diabetes.

Polycystic kidney illness will enhance the chances of brain aneurysms.

Other probability variables of mind ailments embody stress, melancholy, drug abuse, failure to workout the mind, head injuries, smoking and brain defects these as dural defects.

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Sidley is an expert on Brain Supplement

French doctors use laser to destroy brain tumor

French doctors use laser to destroy brain tumor

Article by Shane Ennerson

The team from Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris drilled a 3mm hole into the skull of a patient under local anaesthetic, inserting a tiny fibre-optic cable armed with a laser.

The doctors were then able to “see” the metastatic tumour and steer the cable thanks to a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, which uses magnetic and radio waves.

Once inside the skull, they carried out a computer simulation of the treatment. Then they activated the laser, which heated and killed the tumour tissue for up to two minutes. The MRI scan allowed them to modify the exact energy output needed from the laser.

The patient remained wide awake throughout and was said to have felt nothing. Once all the cancer cells were dead, the cable was removed and the patient allowed to return home the same day.

“This is the first time that laser technology has been used inside the skull and that it is associated with a MRI giving real time data”, chief surgeon Alexandre Carpentier told Le Monde newspaper.

The results have been published in a paper in the Neurosurgeryjournal.

The ground-breaking surgical trials were conducted on 15 patients over the past two years, overseen by France’s health security agency Afssaps. None of the patients’ tumours responded to conventional treatment and their life expectancy if untreated was no more than three months.

Only six of the operations were total – covering the whole tumour. Of those, five out of six had no remissions in the nine months following surgery.

Later operations involved patients with several or larger tumours.

The surgery was made possible thanks to a revolutionary American-designed laser that is permanently chilled to avoid causing blood clots on contact with the brain or epileptic fits.

The team believes that their successes could pave the way for a whole new type of “interventional” MRI treatment.

However, it said it lacked the necessary funds to take its research further, and needed a further two million euros to progress.

Secondary brain cancer or cerebral metastasis is the most common malignancy affecting the brain, and is present in a fifth of all people who die of cancer. It is formed when cells from a primary cancer, usually in the lungs, are pumped around the body in the blood and clump together in the brain.

The French results will now undergo months, probably years, of further stringent tests.

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